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by JoshJ
16 Feb 2018 10:13
Forum: 18. Vehicle Accessories
Topic: Rear bumper
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Re: Rear bumper

Sad to say, but I agree. My father in law had one fitted by a reputable 4x4 shop. After scrutinizing the work he found it was skew, misaligned ext. He thought it was the 4x4 shop. But in the end it was the holes drilled by the manufacturer. He disassembled it and spend 2 weeks getting the hole cente...
by JoshJ
15 Feb 2018 10:06
Forum: 33. Happy Birthday!!!
Topic: Happy Happy ChristoSlang
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Re: Happy Happy ChristoSlang

by JoshJ
13 Feb 2018 11:43
Forum: 25. Trip/Route Queries
Topic: East Africa Trip 2020
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Re: East Africa Trip 2020

You should go and speak to Francoise or Johan @ voetspore. Please go with your Patrol. They love Patrols. They will give you haunest advise on travel quiries for it is part of their business. Trip advisement. They wont nessesary give you their huanest opinion of what car is best. They did most of th...
by JoshJ
12 Feb 2018 13:53
Forum: 09. Engines
Topic: Holes in air boxes
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Re: Holes in air boxes

I agree that water that deep should rather be avoided. It comes with a whole lot of other issues.

On the whole. If my airbox doesnt have one I wont make one. I dont see how that 4mm hole can aid with any of the above while the engine is running. :mytwocents:
by JoshJ
02 Feb 2018 21:49
Forum: 35. About your Business
Topic: Sojo Automotive....... the TD42 one stop shop
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Re: Sojo Auotmotive....... the TD42 one stop shop

:bravo: :bravo: :driving: :driving:

Well done Broer.Very impressive!! :clap: :clap:
by JoshJ
26 Jan 2018 15:23
Forum: 09. Engines
Topic: ZD30 Black Smoke
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Re: ZD30 Black Smoke

No. Sounds pretty normal. Black smoke is good. White smoke is bad. :mytwocents:
by JoshJ
25 Jan 2018 16:15
Forum: 09. Engines
Topic: 4.8 GRX replacement air filter
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Re: 4.8 GRX replacement air filter

DanieG wrote:
25 Jan 2018 13:40
Ek moes toe Kaap toe gaan en met baie soek kry ek een onderdeleplek wat die regte lugfilter het, ek weet nie watter maak nie, maar die onderdeelnommer is E9266 en die prys R745. En toe koop ek die egte Nissan een gister by Droomers in die Paarl vir R581.29.
Jy sien.... :lol: :thumbup:
by JoshJ
24 Jan 2018 18:24
Forum: 14. Rims & Tyres
Topic: What tyre and tyre rotation
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Re: What tyre and tyre rotation

Cool, thanx Tinus :thumbup:
by JoshJ
24 Jan 2018 16:26
Forum: 14. Rims & Tyres
Topic: What tyre and tyre rotation
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Re: What tyre and tyre rotation

pgreeff wrote:
23 Jan 2018 10:18
New tekkies, contact area be damned. :biggrin:
20180123 IMG_20180123_095959.jpg

Is dit 33 duims?
by JoshJ
24 Jan 2018 09:45
Forum: 15. Other Patrol Stuff
Topic: hoeveel km het patrol op?
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Re: hoeveel km het patrol op?

2003 4.8 GRX
Original engine.

May I ask that it be noted whether an engine was overhauled or replaced and at what kilo's. This will give a better picture of reality.

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