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by jonathan
24 May 2018 08:18
Forum: 15. Other Patrol Stuff
Topic: Shocked
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Re: Shocked

Jacques I see that you are in Durbanville, Mcnaughtans can't be too far from you ( ... ralia.html). I bought a pair from them in March, really nice quality and price is good. See the quote from them attached...
gas struts.pdf
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by jonathan
23 May 2018 16:52
Forum: 16. DIY Projects
Topic: 4.8 Service
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Re: 4.8 Service

I changed all my belts about 5000km ago with the belts below, all from Midas. Total of R520 for all three. No problems so far...

by jonathan
26 Apr 2018 15:40
Forum: 32. In the Press
Topic: Re-Call Airbags
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Re: Re-Call Airbags

Not extremely surprised, but the message from the VIN check webpage and the message from Nissan SA are not the same. On the VIN check site I am advised that mine is one of the few vehicles affected. But according to the local dealer and Nissan SA, my VIN is not affected and there is no recall on my ...
by jonathan
16 Apr 2018 08:53
Forum: 23. Other Queries
Topic: Tow bar for 4.5 or 4.8
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Re: Tow bar for 4.5 or 4.8

My 4.8 se towbar le ook nog in die garage...
by jonathan
07 Mar 2018 07:48
Forum: 12. Suspension, Steering & Brakes
Topic: 4.8 handbrake pads
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Re: 4.8 handbrake pads

Dankie ouens. Gaan kyk of die ouens hier dit kan re-line
by jonathan
06 Mar 2018 20:58
Forum: 12. Suspension, Steering & Brakes
Topic: 4.8 handbrake pads
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4.8 handbrake pads

Hi guys In a spot of trouble here....We’re heading of to Namibia next week and I’ve been servicing and replacing a bunch of stuff. My rear brake pads have only done 20k km, so I was pretty sure they would be fine, but wanted to check anyway. So while I was down there I checked the handbrake as well....
by jonathan
28 Feb 2018 13:28
Forum: 13. Electrical & Electronics
Topic: AAC air valve question TB45e
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Re: AAC air valve question TB45e

Peter kyk by hierdie topic of dit dieselfde valve is:


Indien wel, myne het ook so geluid gemaak, maar dit was bleikbaar normaal volgens Frans. Oor die werking van die besigheid weet ek egter nie veel nie :think:
by jonathan
23 Feb 2018 18:33
Forum: 13. Electrical & Electronics
Topic: 4.8 MAF sensor
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Re: 4.8 MAF sensor

Quick update: Unfortunately it would seem there is not a workshop on the West Coast with an exhaust gas analyser. (One kind lady referred me to Supa Quick - because they mos werk met exhausts en daai tipe goed :lol: ) I took the troll to Nissan anyway to check of they pick up any error codes from th...
by jonathan
15 Feb 2018 15:30
Forum: 11. Chassis, Bodywork & Trim
Topic: Fender Flares
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Re: Fender Flares


Hoop nie die eienaar moet met 'n rolstoel uit daai hoë lorrie klim nie, aangesien hy op die handicapped parking staan :lol:
by jonathan
14 Feb 2018 08:02
Forum: 18. Vehicle Accessories
Topic: Rear bumper
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Re: Rear bumper

Daai prys is reg, ek het in Mei maand een laat opsit by Hein. Die swingarm vir spaarwiel was so net oor R4000 extra exl VAT. Beste prys wat ek kon kry en ek is baie happy met hom!

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