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by Oetie
28 Jan 2018 21:57
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Patrol history

Here is an interesting article setting out the history of the Patrol: ... 60-to-y62/
by hugejp
08 Feb 2018 17:15
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Re: Standerd Koni shocks

Bre wrote:
08 Feb 2018 16:45
hugejp wrote:
08 Feb 2018 06:26
This may be a stupid question.... BUT... :rolling:

I have konis in the rear of my 4.8, how do you adjust them??

They are 2" lift Koni Heavy Track units.
Here's a link JP

Awesome stuff!!!

by iandvl
13 Feb 2018 11:06
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Service Manuals

I'm sure most people here already have reference documents, but since I've regularly had people asking me for various Nissan manuals on 4x4 Community I thought I'd uploaded every Nissan manual I have to Dropbox, and share the folder. The link is:
by Kiri
23 Mar 2018 03:41
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Re: Service Manuals

I don't know if this Patrol Y61 Service Manual has been posted before, rather twice than never..., follow this link to a RAR/Zip file (don't be alarmed if you get to a construction website...): username: nissan password: patrol You'll see the two compressed files...
by Reenen
08 May 2018 06:03
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Re: Nissan VK 4.5

Nee. Geen ecu
by Michael
14 Oct 2018 10:23
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Airbag light reset prosedure

Gents The other day I had a Patrol with a flashing airbag light. I do not have a diagnostic to reset it, but found this prosedure on the net that worked like a charm. Tested it on Anthony's Patrol and worked for his as well, so it workes for GU 4.5 and 4.2D So if anyone has this problem, try the fol...