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by Tinus lotz
05 Sep 2016 20:03
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Re: Advice needed on 2010 GRX petrol Auto

Nee ma hy besit die kar van die vloer af hy besit carefull carriers so hy ga 2dae elke week of 2 kaap toe .
Hy tree nou af en het al sy kamp goed verkoop ....ek ken die kar van nuut af baie mooi opgepas ek dink dit is n 2011 model sal more alles vir jou deur stuur :salute:
by Billy
08 May 2017 20:35
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Re: 4.8 fuel consumption

On my recent trip to Botswana / Namibia, I did almost 6000km and averaged 4km/l. Worst I got was 2.9km/l.
by hugejp
26 Dec 2017 13:07
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Re: 4.8 Engine Sputter Rev Bounce at 2000 rpm

karldDanneberg wrote:
26 Dec 2017 13:02
was there any change to your fuel consumption?
She definitely did have more pep on pick-up & economy did improve
by Dungbeetle
13 May 2018 06:53
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Re: The only thing I hate about my Patrol

Not a lot of cars can accommodate a fire extinguisher or a 2l Coke in the door..... :wink:
by CarloG
10 Sep 2018 20:34
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Re: 4.8L Performance upgrade options

FUEL CONSUMPTION UPDATE As promised here are some fuel consumption figures pre- the upgrade and post. (recall that i changed the manifolds - ceramic coated - installed a free flow exhaust and had a unichip installed) Filter is still standard although a k&n is going in this week. ( :naughty: we've h...
by graham1
06 Jul 2018 12:33
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Re: Botswana / Zimbabwe safari fuel consumption

Thats great consumption!
Im actually quite impressed.

See how the 4.8 has jaded me. :rolling: