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by CarloG
26 Jul 2018 12:39
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Re: New Bilstein Suspension by Mikem

hugejp wrote:
26 Jul 2018 12:12
Looking good!

What did it cost incl installation?
Excl the front bumpstops but including the steering dampener was about 21k inclusive.
by Anthony Forgey
18 Aug 2018 17:48
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Re: Drawer system question

I also have a big fridge. I built my drawers to take the fridge and have a drawer for packing boxes and another for recover kit and spares. I had 100mm left in front of the boxes slide so I made a quirky little tray with a drawer for my coffee stuff. The lower fridge position works well for me and m...
by biggles
30 Sep 2018 10:38
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Re: Front Axle Lockers

So I have had the Lockright in the front for about a year now. Going for the dune trip I had some trepidation as to whether it would unlock on the sand. I had experienced no issues at Baboons last year but that was on rock. I am pleased to announce I saw no impact on steering from the locker. To the...
by iandvl
08 Oct 2018 11:04
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Side Mirror Repair

Shortly after getting the 4.8 for the wife, she decided to be windgat reversing out the garage, not considering that the vehicle is bloody big and there is not much clearance between the side mirrors and the garage door. In short: left hand mirror was busted. Glass broke, cracks on the housing (not ...
by offroadbiker
12 Oct 2018 12:24
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Re: Whatsup message group - Events notification

Newest update.... The nonsens talking watsup group is still going strong so if you want to be added just let me know. As for technology the Broadcast has been cancelled/updated to a notification group, which means you will recieve all notifications from the Patrol notification group, yet there can b...
by Fishlung
05 Nov 2018 20:19
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National Nissan dealer finder

National Nissan dealer locator
This could help in the case of needing parts when away from home ... -auto.aspx
by Craig Lord
09 Dec 2018 10:44
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Metsimohlabe River Run 2018

Hello everyone :thumbup: We had a great day exploring the Metsimotlhabe river about 50km west of Gaborone so I thought I would do a short trip report with maps and a few pictures in case anyone would like to do it one day. It's great fun with plenty of opportunities to test your vehicle or even just...
by Carel
22 Dec 2018 10:36
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Re: Steering shudder on braking

Could you post the details of the company that fixes the rims please. :thumbup: It is Hi-Tech mag repairs in Alrode 011 900 1341. A steel rim can only be repaired to a certain extend and I was looking for someone that can straighten the buckled rims and with the enquiry I made on their website, I u...