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by JoshJ
05 Jan 2018 18:29
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Re: Dipstick for 4.8 auto

Pieter it os 755mm from the sholder to the tip. And the max full when hot is at 730mm. Hope this helps.
by David M
07 Jan 2018 20:33
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Re: Coil lengths

Nissan Patrol lift-radius arm size.pdf Put them in and drive around for a while. Then use the above to calculate the lift. At the back very important to not measure into the bumpstop receiver. Put something flat over it, measure and then add the thickness of whatever you put over the bumpstop recei...
by Marino4x4
13 Jul 2018 12:19
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Re: 4.8 Facelift front discs

Good day

Please have a look. The disc should have a 316mm (315.7 to be exact) diameter.